Cambridge, December 2014, Art


alchemist sculpture, MIT (sonya kovacic)

alchemist sculpture, MIT (sonya kovacic)

The Alchemist sculpture on MIT's campus is a painted stainless steel sculpture that "consists of mathematical symbols in the shape of a human form." In 2010, an anonymous alumnus commissioned the work from Catalan sculptor, Jaume Plensa, for MIT's 150th anniversary. The alumnus was supposedly so moved by the celebration that he donated the sculpture to MIT for their permanent collection.

The MIT Gallery of Hacks is an online gallery dedicated to MIT's IHTFP (Interesting Hacks to Fascinate People). In 2013, after the last episode of Breaking Bad, hackers transformed the Alchemist into Walter White. 

The Alchemist Brewery in Waterbury, Vermont, has created the most "elusive beer in the world."