December 2014, South Boston Waterfront


harpoon brewery (d_dusseault)

harpoon brewery (d_dusseault)

Today's photo comes from Desiree Dusseault from Southie. Desiree works for the city and has this to say about Boston:

"I love the pride that Bostonians have for the city whether they have lived here for a year or for their entire life. I like how Boston's government tries to make the city a better place. And lastly, I love the scenery and being able to go for a walk and find a busy ocean bay or river. "

Beer making in Boston was in its heyday in the early 1900’s. Try to imagine the clatter of horse-drawn, iron-wheeled, wagons bringing raw materials in and finished product out of the 24 breweries in Roxbury and Jamaica Plain which were located on or near Columbus Avenue, Heath Street and Amory Street. Add the pungent odors of hops, yeast, slowly cooking grains and the coal and wood smoke billowing from each of the 24 smokestacks and you begin to sense the impact these breweries had on their neighborhoods.

-Jamaica Plain Historical Society

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