Cambridge, Industry, December 2014

greeting cards

at the mall (sonya kovacic)

at the mall (sonya kovacic)

"He came to America when popular taste for art was low but hunger for color was high."
"When he left it, popular taste for art was high and hunger for color everywhere was satisfied."

-From two Louis Prang chromolithographic plates.

Louis Prang was a Prussian born printer who emigrated to Boston in 1850 and is known as the creator of the American Christmas card. He ran a successful printing company called Louis Prang and Company where he specialized in chromolithographic prints. Lithography is the art of printing from lithographic limestone using oil and water and chromolithography involves creating a single lithographic plate for each color used for a print.

Among their prints, Louis Prang and Company created color printed copies of famous paintings, business cards, advertisements, and in 1875, created the first Christmas card. 

Americans buy 6.5 billion greeting cards a year. The Boston Globe Magazine breaks it down. 

You can also check out a Louis Prang Christmas card from 1876.