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pond hockey, walpole

pond hockey, walpole

The Boston Bruins, founded in 1924, was the first American hockey team to join the National Hockey League (NHL). They played in the Boston Arena (now Northeastern University's Matthews Arena; the oldest ice hockey arena still used for hockey in the world) until they moved to the Boston Garden in 1928. The Bruins have since won six Stanley Cups.

The Beanpot, a popular hockey tournament between Northeastern University, Harvard University, Boston College, and Boston University, formed in 1952 as a "filler." According to the Beanpot website and Jack Grinold, "It was originally the first two nights after Christmas of 1952. It was to help the Arena on off nights. It's way, way beyond that now." Presently, the Beanpot is one of the most popular sporting events in Boston, and is played on two Mondays in February. BU has won the most championships with 29, followed by BC with 19, Harvard with 10, and Northeastern with 4. After a BC/BU Beanpot game on February 6th, 1978, around a hundred people were trapped in the Garden during ablizzard.

Bruins goalie, Gerry Cheevers, who played on and off for the Bruins from 1965-1980, was a character. Legend goes there was a stipulation in his contract that allowed him to drink a beer in between periods. He was known for wearing a mask with a pattern of stitches that marked the spots where pucks hit him. Not surprisingly, it was full of stitches.