South Boston Waterfront, October 2014, Landmark


hood milk bottle, fort point (sonya kovacic)

hood milk bottle, fort point (sonya kovacic)

After yesterday's email one of our subscribers, Robert McGovern, told us about another T.rex in the area - the orange T.rex that resides at the mini golf course on Route 1 Saugaus. -  Thanks Rob!

The iconic Hood milk bottle has been in Fort Point since 1977, two years before the Children's Museum moved to Fort Point from JP. HP Hood, a dairy company founded in Charlestown and currently operating in Lynnfield, bought and refurbished the big milk bottle before donating it to the Children's Museum. Previously the milk bottle was used as an ice cream stand in Taunton. The bottle is 40 feet tall, 18 feet in diameter and weighs 15,000 pounds - and if it was a real milk bottle it would hold around 58,620 gallons of milk.

Hood has another well known structure in Boston - the Hood blimp. The blimp flies over Red Sox games in the summer, is approximately the length of three school buses, and even has its own twitter page.

In 2010, the Boston Police Department started a campaign called Operation Hoodsie Cupas a way to engage the community. Every summer since, the BPD ice cream truck has circled around different Boston neighborhoods giving out hoodsie cups.