Cambridge, October 2014, Street art

not art

not art, mass ave * (sonya kovacic)

not art, mass ave * (sonya kovacic)

"What does it take to make something art? Do you have to just move it? Or do you have to bring it into a gallery? Or maybe, you just have to see it and witness it as art so by finding these objects and seeing them I think that we all, all the time, make art just by perceiving things as such; or even if we are not seeing it as art, we are seeing it as beautiful." 

-Somerville artist responsible for the Not Art installation in a WGBH interview.

The anonymous artist has been spray painting Not Art onto street signs, construction sites, statues, building facades, and other public areas for around eight years. The reaction from the public has ranged from vehement anger to comparisons to Banksy- the famous and anonymous English street/graffiti artist. Whatever the reaction, it is doing what the artist wants, which is catalyzing conversations about the nature of art.

*This photo was taken on August 30, 2013. Since then, the stencil has been painted over. 

To hear the WGBH interview with the anonymous artist go here. 

If you want to see more Not Art stencils, there is a Flickr group dedicated to them.