October 2014, Kenmore


kenmore square (sonya kovacic)

kenmore square (sonya kovacic)

Oak Square in Brighton, named after a big oak tree, intersects Nonantum and Faneuil Streets. William P. Marchione describes the tree in his book, Images of America, Allston-Brighton:

"The Great White Oak, from which Oak Square derives its name was a remarkable tree. A committee appointed in 1837 to survey the state's botanical and zoological resources found it to be the largest white oak in the commonwealth. An 1845 report noted that "it had probably passed its prime centuries before the first English voice was heard on the shores of Massachusetts. Another description stated, "the cavity of the trunk is capable of sheltering twenty children at one time, as is well known to have been the case." The ancient tree was taken down in the mid 1850's. A measurement just prior to its destruction gave the circumference at the base as nearly 30 feet."

This Sunday, Harvard Square in Cambridge will be having its 36th annual Oktoberfest and HONK! Parade. There will be food from all over the world, six stages of live music, five beer gardens, street vendors, children's activities, crafts, vintage goods, and more.