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star market, somerville (sonya kovacic)

star market, somerville (sonya kovacic)

According to Star Market's website:

Star Market was founded in Watertown in 1915 by Sarkis Mugar, an immigrant from Armenia.
Stephen Mugar, the son of Sarkis Mugar, became the head of Star Market at just 17 when his father died in an auto accident.
In 1948 he built the Newtonville store and it was very unique as it was built without posts (similar to an airplane hangar).  Stephen did this so that he could convert the building to a movie theater in the event that the store ever failed.
The turnpike went right through this store. As the excavation for the road began, Stephen applied for air rights to build a market over the highway and after a lengthy court battle, the Massachusetts Supreme court ruled in his favor. This made the new, third Newtonville store the only store in the nation to be built with air rights.
Star Market was the first in N.E. with touch system for cashiers.
First to refrigerate cooked foods, self service meats, wrapped products, profit sharing, and paid vacations.

Star Market was bought by Shaws in 1999 but a few Star Markets remain for "historical reasons."

The Boston Indicators Project looked at "food deserts" low--income census tracts where a substantial number of residents have limited access to a supermarket or a large grocery store. The interactive map created with data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Healthy Food Financing Initiative, shows the food deserts in Massachusetts. (Hint: click to enlarge a town or city. Zoom in to see Boston neighborhood data.)