Cambridge, October 2014, Museum


t.rex model outside the museum of science (sonya kovacic)

t.rex model outside the museum of science (sonya kovacic)

"This full-size Tyrannosaurus rex model was made in the 1960's. At that time only five T. rex skeletons had ever been found. All were incomplete, leaving many questions about this prehistoric animal unanswered. Since then paleontologists have uncovered more than 25 additional T.rex skeletons, including some that are nearly compete. These skeletons have provided new evidence that has changed what scientists today think T.rex was actually like. This model from the 1960's does not represent the new findings, but the new T.rex model displayed inside the Museum does. Differences to notice include how each model stands and the position of the front claws."

-Plaque in front of the T.rex model.

Want to see a 20 foot T.rex made out of more than 100,000 LEGO pieces? The Art of the Brick, a new exhibition in Quincy Hall by artist Nathan Sawaya, has a collection of sculptures made out of LEGO pieces.