Jamaica Plain, November 2014

veterans day

statue outside the VA hospital, jp (brian mclean)

statue outside the VA hospital, jp (brian mclean)

Curated by Navy Veteran Brian McLean

Massachusetts has a rich military history. We are all familiar with the state’s role in the Revolutionary War, but did you know that Massachusetts was the location of a World War I naval engagement? German U-boats sunk a tugboat off the coast of Orleans in July of 1918. Several shells landed harmlessly on shore, marking the first, and only time, the US mainland was attacked during WWI. Although the event was isolated and nobody was killed, it still created widespread panic along the northeast coast.

The US Navy has had 6 ships and (most recently) one submarine bear the namesake BOSTON. The WWII era USS BOSTON (CA 69) was highly decorated, participating in the Pacific Theater of Operations. When the war ended the USS BOSTON was decommissioned until the mid-50’s. Due to Cold War threats, the ship was retrofitted as the first Boston-class guided missile cruiser. Re-designated USS BOSTON (CAG1), she helped usher the era of guided missiles in the fleet by being one of the first vessels equipped with that technology.

Thank you to all those who have served!

Here's a link to learn more about the USS Boston.