October 2014

within these walls

within these walls (peter gorman)

within these walls (peter gorman)

Today's email comes from Bostonology co-founder Peter Gorman, who is currently on a one-year solo bicycle trip around the country. You can follow his adventure at www.packpedal.com and on Instagram at @400closeups

Guess what's currently on view at the Smithsonian in Washington: a 200-year old house from Ipswich, MA. 

When the home was vacated in the 1960s and scheduled to be bulldozed, historians in Ipswich contacted the Smithsonian Institution in order to preserve it. The museum agreed, and actually took the house apart, shipped it to DC, and reconstructed it inside of American History Museum. 

The exhibition tells the story of America's history through the eyes of the five families who inhabited the house over its two centuries.

The exhibition can be accessed online, at the museum's website.