September 2014


harbor hotel, rowes wharf (@kbowe013)

harbor hotel, rowes wharf (@kbowe013)

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Boston is home to many historic hotels, including the famous Omni Parker House in downtown Boston.

Its historic guests have included literary giants like Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and Charles Dickens — all who actually gathered at the hotel on a weekly basis. They called it the "Saturday Club", and it's where Dickens gave his first recital of A Christmas Carol.

Additionally, John Wilkes Booth stayed in the hotel about one week before assassinating President Lincoln. He was seen practicing his aim on the streets of Boston.

In the twentieth century, John F. Kennedy held his bachelor party in the lobby.

The hotel has also employed a few historic figures: both Malcolm X and Ho Chi Minh worked at the Parker House.

(The hotel is also the origin for two famous Boston foods: the Boston Creme Pie and the Parker House Roll.)

Before it was the upscale Liberty Hotel at the base of Beacon Hill, it was the Charles Street Jail.