August 2014, Fenway

lone red seat

fenway park  (steve joyce)*

fenway park (steve joyce)*

Today's photo was submitted by Steve Joyce. Steve grew up in the city, and now works as a QA consultant testing mobile apps. He's a father of 3 and a lifelong Red Sox fan

The lone red seat in Fenway Park's right center field signifies the park's longest ever home run. It was a 502-foot-long shot by Ted Williams almost 70 years ago – June 9, 1946.

The home run was a surprise, especially to Joseph Boucher, who was visiting Fenway Park from Albany. When the ball flew into the stands, Boucher was hit squarely on the head — leaving a hole in his straw hat and a small bruise (the hat cushioned most of the blow). Boucher was quoted as saying:

“How far away must one sit to be safe in this park?”

Here's a Bostonology-approved longread: John Updike recounts Ted Williams's last career at-bat, at Fenway, in 1960. (He hit a home run.)