September 2014, South Boston


a painter on castle island (sonya kovacic)

a painter on castle island (sonya kovacic)

Boston has produced many famous artists but there is one painter who has a square, plaza, and hotel named after him. 

John Singleton Copley, born in Boston in 1738, was one of the most influential painters in colonial America. Copley is best known for his realistic portraits of important colonial Americans including John Adams, John Hancock, Sam Adams, Paul Revere, and Nicholas Boylston. Copley's notoriety extended beyond America and it was in England where he painted one of his most famous works, "Watson and the Shark." A copy of that painting as well as his portraits can be found at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. 

Copley's iconic portrait of Paul Revere was not displayed publicly until 1928. At one point the portrait was stored in the attic of the Revere household.

If you're looking for painting classes, the Eliot School in Jamaica Plain, an old grammar school turned manual arts school, offers a variety of classes this fall.