August 2014, Roxbury


puddle illusion, ruggles street (sonya kovacic)

The name of Ruggles Station comes from the nearby street, which serves as a border between four Boston neighborhoods: Fenway/Kenmore, Mission Hill, Roxbury, and the South End.

The street itself was named in 1825 after the Ruggles family of Roxbury, who arrived in the town as early as 1637. Although the Ruggles were prominent in the town's early days, they were split on the issue of American Independence. During the war, several members of the family fought on both sides.

In one dramatic incident in 1778, Bathsheba Ruggles (the daughter of Timothy Ruggles, a British loyalist) was convicted and hanged – along with her co-conspirators – for the murder of her husband. Their case was the first instance of capital punishment in America by Americans.

Before the Braves moved to Atlanta, they played at a ballpark located right where Ruggles Station is today. The park – known as the South End Grounds – was described as "having the shape of a bowling alley".