February 2015, Downtown


no more snow? (sonya kovacic)

no more snow? (sonya kovacic)

Ask Beth was a Boston Globe advice column for teenagers that ran from 1963-2007. The column was known for addressing teenage issues honestly and included topics that were taboo at the time such as sexuality. Because of the column's popularity, it became a syndicated column and appeared in newspapers around the country. The author, Elizabeth Winship, grew up in Cambridge and studied psychology at Radcliffe. She was a children's book editor for the Globe before she was offered a job as an advice columnist. Winship retired in 1998 and her daughter Peggy continued the column until 2007. 

Hello. My name is Eliza. How may I help you? Eliza is a computer program that mimics a Rogerian Psychotherapist. Eliza was written in the 1960's by Joseph Weizenbaum from MIT. To start your session with Eliza, go here.

The Boston Globe has an archive of Ask Beth columns.