Somerville, February 2015


wine, somerville  (sonya kovacic)

wine, somerville (sonya kovacic)

Grape Island, part of the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area, is a 54 acre island with wooden trails, camp sites, and picnic areas. The island is full of wild berries like blackberries, dewberries, raspberries, blueberries, huckleberries, and elderberries, and wild edibles tours are sometimes offered.

Fun fact from the National Park Service: "The sizes of the islands in the park change every hour, as the ocean tides ebb and flow on their shores. The difference between high water and low water in Boston Harbor is among the greatest tidal ranges in the United States (about a 10- or 12-foot difference)."

Grape Island almost doubles in size at low tide.

Read about the Battle of Grape Island, the much forgotten battle proceededing the Battle of Bunker Hill.

You can make your own wine at the Boston Winery in Dorchester.