South End, February 2015


party,  piano factory   (sonya kovacic)

party, piano factory (sonya kovacic)

What you will notice about tattoo parlors in Boston is that the oldest tattoo parlors were established in 2001. Before 2001, it was a crime in Massachusetts for anyone other than a physician and health care professional to offer tattoo services. A law that was initially created in 1962.

Then came Lanphear v. Commonwealth of Massachusetts (Suffolk Superior Court No. 99-1896) in October 2000, that claimed that the law was unconstitutional and violated freedom of expression protected under the First Amendment. The Superior Court judge sided with Lanphear and in 2001, tattoo parlors became legal.

If you are interested, you can read more about the case.

Chris Padgett created a photo series called "Bled for Boston" about people who got tattoos after the marathon bombing.

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