Allston, July 2014


stars & stripes & sox, over regina pizzeria  (sonya kovacic)

stars & stripes & sox, over regina pizzeria (sonya kovacic)

It's our 50th email! Thanks for keeping up with us for the past ten (!) weeks.

Here's some "50" related trivia:

On March 24, 1964, the 50
¢ coin featuring (native Brookline-ite) John F. Kennedy was introduced across the country. The coins sold out in many cities in a matter of hours — Boston's banks sold out of the coins by noon that day.

Kennedy's image on the coin was actually changed at the last minute. The story goes, Jackie Kennedy did not like the the way her late husband's hair looked, and requested a redesign. The rare "accented hair" coin proofs can still be found today — they sell for over $5,000 each.

This year, the Kennedy coin will be commemorated for its 5oth anniversary. 

(Next year, Jackie Kennedy will get a coin, too. As part of the Presidential $1 Coin series, each First Lady also appears on a gold $10 coin, minted with her image.)

In honor of our 50th email, take a look back at our email archive — and stay tuned for a Bostonology announcement on Monday...