Cambridge, June 2014


outside the brattle theatre, cambridge  (sonya kovacic)

outside the brattle theatre, cambridge (sonya kovacic)

The Brattle Theatre in Harvard Square has been the place to see inventive and alternative entertainment for nearly 125 years. In its long history, it has become home to several peculiar Cambridge cultural traditions, including the Bugs Bunny Film Festival, and the Bogie Cult  — a decades-old celebration of the films of Humphrey Bogart.

It's also one of the only remaining movie theaters in the country with a rear-projection system. Almost all modern theaters project the film from the audience's side, but the Brattle's films are projected backwards from behind the screen.

This year, the Brattle welcomes Trash Night, which features "one F-grade, sub-cult cinematic wonder and unleashes it on an unsuspecting audience." Next up: CyberMutt.