Charles River, June 2014

b.u. bridge

b.u. bridge, july 4  (sonya kovacic)

b.u. bridge, july 4 (sonya kovacic)

The BU Bridge is a Boston landmark – it's one of the only places on earth where a boat can sail under a train, driving under a car, driving under an airplane.

In the past few years, trains have actually been a rare sight over the river. The railroad bridge has been closed several times due to disrepair. It most recently reopened in June 2013, and is currently in use. It's a good thing, too – without the bridge open, trains have to be rerouted 108 miles outside of the city.

In 2012, photographer Madeline Drexler set out to document the BU Bridge throughout the year – and ended up with 36 different shots.