Beacon Hill, May 2014

city upon a hill

acorn street, beacon hill  (sonya kovacic)

acorn street, beacon hill (sonya kovacic)

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It's the first edition of our new project: a daily email all about Boston. Every email will be short and sweet: one photo, one piece of trivia, and one link to something interesting. Today's theme is "City upon a Hill".

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A group of Puritans from England founded the city of Boston in 1630, after a pilgrimage in search of their "City upon a Hill." The area's first European resident, however, actually arrived five years earlier. William Blaxton, an Anglican minister, built a home and farm on (what is now) Beacon Hill in 1625 โ€” and lived in peace and quiet for five years. After the Puritans arrived, Blaxton grew tired of their intolerance, and moved further south to (what is now) Rhode Island.

The Beacon Hill Art Walk โ€“ held the first Sunday in June โ€“ is a chance to tour the private gardens, alleyways, and courtyards of Beacon Hill's north slope. It's also an opportunity to check out some work by over 40 local artists.