Allston, July 2014


nstar power substation, allston  (sonya kovacic)

nstar power substation, allston (sonya kovacic)

Most of Massachusetts's electricity is generated by natural gas — over 68%, according to 2012 estimates. That rate has more than doubled in ten years, replacing much of our coal and oil consumption. In fact, due to competition from natural gas, all of Massachusetts's coal plants will be closed by 2017.

The second highest source of electricity for Massachusetts — 16% — is nuclear power, which is all generated at one plant in Plymouth. Renewable sources — which include hydroelectric, wood and other biomass, wind, and solar — account for 8% (up from about 5% in 2002).

540 Harrison Ave was once the world's largest electrical power station — and is now home to SoWa Sundays.