Cambridge, May 2014


magazine street, cambridge  (sonya kovacic)

magazine street, cambridge (sonya kovacic)

Harvard University is the embodiment of the term "Ivy League" — prestigious, competitive, Northeastern, and old. However, the term "Ivy League" originally had nothing to do with academics — it was actually coined by sportswriters in the 1930s as a way to refer to the group of elite, Northeastern colleges with strong athletic programs (especially football). These colleges were similar in many ways, including the ivy-covered walls of their old campus buildings. The term stuck, and became official in the 1950s with the formation of the Ivy League conference in the NCAA.

When Harvard's Art Museums open their brand new building in November, their collections will be brought together under one roof for the first time in their history. This includes the work of Nan Goldin, the famed photographer who got her start while photographing Boston's drag scene in the 1970s. For now, you can view her portraits online, including Noemi screaming at The Other Side, Bea having tea, and Ivy in the Garden.