Orange Line, July 2014, South End


mass ave station  (sonya kovacic)

mass ave station (sonya kovacic)

How many steps it takes to get to the top (or bottom) of these local landmarks?

  • 12 – The original Cheers
  • 15  – Musical stairs at the Museum of Science
  • 116 – The Pilgrim Monument (Provincetown)
  • 120 – Boston College's "Million Dollar Stairs"
  • 199 – Porter Square Station
  • 294 – The Bunker Hill Monument
  • 789 – One Boston Place
  •  1,632 – The John Hancock Tower


(The world's longest staircase is in the Swiss Alps, next to an inclined railway — it's 11,674 steps. The stairs are only open to the public one day per year, during the Niesenlauf race.)

Every Wednesday at 6:30 am, the November Project invites you to do the stairs at Harvard Stadium.