June 2014, Boston Harbor


boston skyline at sunset, in june  (sonya kovacic)

boston skyline at sunset, in june (sonya kovacic)

It happens every June: Boston gets a lot roomier. The end of the school year brings a mass departure of students — and with over 250,000 in Boston and Cambridge alone, their absence makes a difference.

The student exodus does more than just free up the T. Many local businesses report a noticeable change during the summer months, especially those who serve the student population. According to The Boston Globe, examples include:


  • GrubHub's late-night orders (between midnight and 3.a.m) drop significantly — down nearly 15% on weekends.
  • Blanchard's Liquors in Allston sells less Budweiser, Miller Light, and Natural Ice (but sells more microbrews).
  • Allston's Stingray BodyArt does fewer tattoos — especially of song lyrics and scientific formulas.

Boston has a slate of festivals and events lined up for July and August: Jerkfest, Harborfest, Kitefest, Porchfest, Gospelfest, and more. One event to watch out for is Banditos Misteriosos' annual water-gun fight: location TBA.