February 2015, South End


iron cast fountain,  south end   (sonya kovacic)

iron cast fountain, south end (sonya kovacic)

One of the most recognized fountains in Boston is found on the Boston Common. Named Brewer Fountain, after merchant Gardner Brewer who donated it, the fountain is a bronze replica of a fountain that was made for the 1855 World's Fair in Paris. It has been on the Common since 1868 and was renovated in 2010.

Along with Boston, you can apparently find copies of the Val d'Osne fountain in other cities around the world including:

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mendoza, Argentina
Launceston, Australia
Salvador de Bahia, Brazil
Quebec, Canada
Valparasio, Chile
Liverpool, England
Angers, France
Saint Quentin, France
Soulac sur mer, France
Troyes, France
Tacna, Peru
Lisbon, Portugal (2)                                                                                              
Valencia, Spain
Geneva, Switzerland

Take a look at an image of the Brewer Fountain from the late 1800's.