April 2015, Downtown


arms crossed, sam adams statue  (sonya kovacic)

arms crossed, sam adams statue (sonya kovacic)

Sam Adams crossing his arms in front of Faneuil Hall is a sign of defiance.

The story of the artist behind the statue, Watertown born Anne Whitney (1821-1915), is a story of defiance. Anne Whitney was a well educated and well traveled poet, sculptor, abolitionist and member of the suffrage movement. In 1874, she won a competition for designing a statue of Charles Sumner but was disqualified because she was a woman. The reason: "It would be improper for a woman to sculpt a man’s legs."

In 1901/2, at the age of 80. her Charles Sumner statue was cast in bronze and now resides at Harvard University.

Compare Anne Whitney's statue of Charles Sumner with Thomas Ball's statue.

Take a look at Whitney's original Sam Adams statue at the National Statuary Hall in the U.S Capital Building.