April 2015


a russo's market treat (sonya kovacic)

a russo's market treat (sonya kovacic)

According to the Friends of the Public Garden: "Of all the flowers in today’s Public Garden, it is the tulips that have the oldest and closest tie with its history, going back to its earliest years and continuing, with variations, until the present day. The prize tulips that bloomed around 1840 were said to be the first such display in America. The bulbs were imported from England at a cost of $1,500, a huge sum in those days. Now an iconic image of the Garden, the blooming of 26,000 tulips in the spring is one of the most photographed views in Boston."

Horace Gray, who was the founder of the Boston Public Garden, was said to have been the first person to import tulips into the United States. However other sources say that Richard Sullivan Fay Esq from Lynn was the first person to cultivate tulips in the United States at his Fay Estate arboretum in 1847.

Tulip photos are quite popular.

Take a look at a 1907-1914 postcard of the former Fay Estate arboretum in Lynn.