March 2015, South Boston

ice cream

waiting for ice cream, south boston  (sonya kovacic)

waiting for ice cream, south boston (sonya kovacic)

J.P Licks was founded in Jamaica Plain in 1981 by then 26 year old Vince Petryk. The ice cream store was a popular hangout for Mass College of Art students, which is one reason why J.P Licks has a funky vibe. They are known for their interesting flavors, including a flavor for this month called the Leprechaun Brew, which includes local Sam Adams beer blended into a green seasonal ice cream.

Presently there are 13 J.P Licks stores, all within 15 miles of the original store.

J.P Licks is a big part of the Jamaica Plain landscape but before,  659 Centre Street, housed Brueggers Bagels and the Arts Center.