March 2015, Cambridge

infinite jest

outside hayden library  (sonya kovacic)

outside hayden library (sonya kovacic)

David Foster Wallace was a novelist, essayist, college professor, and literary cult figure who committed suicide in 2008. Wallace is best known for his 1079 page book, Infinite Jest, published in 1996. Sven Birkerts from the Atlantic Monthly called it a "multi-layered postmodern saga of damnation and salvation."  Other critics call it a modern day version of James Joyce's Ulysses. Although the setting takes place in the future, many of the references are from Boston

There is an interactive atlas that maps places in Boston referenced in Infinite Jest, including the Hayden Library.

WBUR's Radio Open Source takes a look at a rare 1996 interview with Foster Wallace and explores his use of Boston as a setting.

This BDC wire article analyzes the Radio Open Source interview.