Chinatown, March 2015


corner of beach st and oxford st in chinatown  (sonya kovacic)

corner of beach st and oxford st in chinatown (sonya kovacic)

Boston, like many cities, is constantly changing. What we know of as Chinatown is actually a  relatively new neighborhood. When Boston was first settled it was swamp land.

According to the city of Boston, "Beginning in the 1840s, waves of immigrants settled in the South Cove (modern day Chinatown) seeking jobs at the wharves, railroads and factories. The district became home first to Irish, then Jewish, Syrian, Italian and Asian families."

The first wave of Chinese immigration to Boston occurred in the 1870's after Chinese were recruited from  California to help end a labor strike at a shoe factory in North Adams. More Chinese from California soon followed.

The first Chinese restaurant in Boston opened in 1890 and the post WWII period saw an explosion in Chinese restaurant openings.

With new waves of gentrification, will Chinatown become a vestige as well?  

Take a look at what used to be on the corner of Beach and Oxford street in 1901.