Fenway, May 2015, Art

installation art

in front of the isabella stewart gardner museum  (gordana rabrenovic)

in front of the isabella stewart gardner museum (gordana rabrenovic)

My mom sent me a picture of artist Ken Smith's new installation called, Fenway Deity. This is the description from the ISGM website:
"Fenway Deity is part of the Garden Deities series created by Ken Smith. The large inflatable installation, with a psychedelic spiral pattern and gold chain, will hang from the historic façade of the Museum facing the Boston Fens. Deity riffs on the Gardner’s large wheel window on the building’s rear façade, forming a transect line through the Museum, between the window and the installation.

Spiritually speaking, Fenway Deity responds to the Museum’s 2012 relocation of its entrance to Evans Way—it will serve as a new conduit for the Museum’s creative energy to protect the Fens from bad spirits and promote environmental renewal, health, and happiness along the Fenway and beyond.

Read more about the Fenway Deity.

If you haven't already seen Janet Echelman's "Aerial Sculpture" over the Rose Kennedy Greenway, it is worth a look.