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April 2015, Northeastern University


st stephen street, northeastern campus  (sonya kovacic)

st stephen street, northeastern campus (sonya kovacic)

The Boston Psychoanalytic Society & Institute was founded in 1933. It is the largest affiliated psychoanalytic association in the country. The BPSI website explains the history of psychoanalysis in Boston:

"The roots of Boston Psychoanalytic Society & Institute (BPSI) reach back to the early 1900s, when a group of physicians, philosophers and psychologists began meeting regularly to discuss the ideas of Freud, Janet, Bleuler, Bernheim and others. By 1928 the group became an informal psychoanalytic society and within three years, under the impetus of several young clinicians who had recently returned from study in Berlin and Vienna, BPSI was officially incorporated, and in 1933 became the second formally recognized member of the American Psychoanalytic Association (APsaA). BPSI provided training in adult psychoanalysis, and later, with the arrival of Beata Rank and Erik Erikson, training in child psychoanalysis.

Take a look at a photo of Sigmund Freud visiting Clark University in Worcester in 1909.

The BPSI has a digital photo gallery of senior psychoanalysts as well as historical photos of early psychoanalytic offices in Boston.

And you remember Eliza.

July 2014, Northeastern University


rainy day  (sonya kovacic)

rainy day (sonya kovacic)

Boston has an average of 127 days of precipitation each year (35%), which is ... pretty average. Here's how we stack up:

  • Juneau:   223
  • Buffalo:   169
  • Seattle:   155
  • Portland, OR:   153
  • Pittsburgh:   152
  • Miami:   131
  • Portland, ME:   129
  • Boston:   127
  • Chicago:   125
  • Providence:   124
  • New York:   121
  • Washington, DC:   113
  • Houston:   105
  • Denver:   89
  • San Francisco:   63
  • Los Angeles:   35
  • Las Vegas:   26

Childe Hassam — a native New Englander — was one of the earliest and most influential American impressionist painters. For example, his work Avenue in the Rain is displayed in President Obama's Oval Office. Here's his impression of the South End: Rainy Day, Boston.