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August 2014, South Station

long weekend

south station, heading home (sonya kovacic)

south station, heading home (sonya kovacic)

Labor Day is one of eleven federal holidays, including New Year's Day, Thanksgiving, and Washington's Birthday.

Massachusetts (and specifically Suffolk County) have additional holidays throughout the year, including Evacuation Day (March), Patriots' Day (April), and Bunker Hill Day (June).

Some state holidays that Massachusetts does not celebrate include:

Rosa Parks Day (Ohio)
Susan B. Anthony Day (New York, North Dakota, West Virginia, and Wisconsin)
César Chávez Day (California)
Emancipation Day (Washington, D.C., Indiana, North Carolina, and North Dakota)
Confederate Memorial Day (Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Texas)
Kamehameha Day (Hawaii)

If you're looking for a way to kick off the long weekend, consider tonight's Mass Brewers Fest.