Brookline, Technology, January 2014


roomba, brookline

roomba, brookline

The Roomba, an autonomous vacuum cleaner, was introduced in 2002 by Bedford based company, iRobot. iRobot was founded by three MIT roboticists; Colin Angle, Helen Greiner, and Rodney Brooks to make practical robots a reality.

Along with home robots like the Roomba, iRobot makes an automated floor scrubber, floor mop, pool cleaner, and gutter cleaner. They also make robots for businesses and security/defense.

Rosie, is the most commonly used name for the Roomba.

Boston Dynamics, a robotics company recently purchased by Google, created a cheetahrobot that is the fastest legged robot in the world.

A cat in a shark costume chases a duck while riding a roomba, has garnered 7,840,335 views on youtube.

Cambridge, Technology, January 2014

mugar omni theater

omni film reel, science museum (sonya kovacic)

omni film reel, science museum (sonya kovacic)

The Mugar Omni theater, located in the Science Museum since 1987, is a 5 story dome shaped IMAX theater called an Omnimax. It is the only Omnimax in New England and one of only sixty in the world.

The seats recline about thirty degrees, and because the screen fills a viewer's field of vision (including periphery vision) viewers get the feeling of immersion and motion. The Omni theater also has surround sound (who put the bomp in the bomp? Shabomp, shabomp).

*The 70mm Omnimax film reel is around 3 miles long, weighs 200 pounds, and needs to be configured manually. 

This is pure nostalgia for anyone who remembers the "New England Introduction" that played before each Omni theater film. Sadly the theater doesn't use this introduction anymore.

The Omni theater only plays educational films. If you want to see a film this week, there are films about the Mayans, the Galapagos Islands, and pandas.

Technology, Cambridge, January 2014


muddy charles pub wall of fame (sonya kovacic)

muddy charles pub wall of fame (sonya kovacic)

Although NASA's Mission Control Center did not end up  in Kendall Square38 NASA Astronauts graduated from MIT. That's more than any other non-military academic institution. The most notable alum, Buzz Aldrin, was the second person to walk on the moon after Neil Armstrong in July 1969.

Take a look at an iconic photo of Buzz Aldrin on the moon.

In October 2014, MIT's Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics held a centennialsymposium.