BU, Fenway/Kenmore, January 2014

dr. king

free at last  sculpture in front of bu's marsh chapel   (sonya kovacic)

free at last sculpture in front of bu's marsh chapel (sonya kovacic)

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. got his Docterate from Boston University's School of Theology in 1955. According to Boston University, the Dean of BU's Marsh Chapel at the time, Howard Thurman, was King's mentor and spirtual advisor. Thurman was responsible for teaching Gandhi's ideas of nonviolent protest to Dr. King.

The Free at Last sculpture was dedicated in 1975 by  artist Sergio Castillo to commemorate Dr. King. According to the Boston Art Commission, the "sculpture, twenty feet high, consists of a mass of wing-flapping birds cut from cor-ten steel. Close-up, one sees individual birds, each striving to be airborne, but from afar one sees a flock of birds, formed into the shape of a single bird headed for the sky."

Take a look at a picture of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in front of Marsh Chapel. 

Boston University has a collection of Dr. King's personal papers.