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Cambridge, December 2014, Nature


frustration (sonya kovacic)

frustration (sonya kovacic)

The wind can makes umbrellas useless in the Boston area. Boston is considered the windiest metropolitan city in the United States.

Average annual wind speed of the windiest US cities (in miles per hour):
Boston, Massachusetts 12.3
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 12.2
Buffalo, New York 11.8
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 11.5
Dallas, Texas 10.7
Kansas City, Missouri 10.6
San Francisco, California 10.6
Cleveland, Ohio 10.5
Minneapolis, Minnesota 10.5
Virginia Beach, Virginia 10.5
Providence, Rhode Island 10.4
Chicago, Illinois 10.3
Detroit, Michigan 10.2

Fernanda Viegas and Martin Wattenberg from Google's Big Picture research group in Cambridge, used wind data from the National Weather Service’s Digital Forecast Service (which updates once an hour) to create an interactive wind map. It's pretty cool.