street art

Somerville, Street art, January 2014

it is beautiful-then gone

truth (sonya kovacic)

truth (sonya kovacic)

Beautiful Then Gone as a phrase is actually based on a book by the famous designer Martin Venezky called "It is beautiful... then gone". This book title and its contents really struck me when my brother gave it to me. It really tapped into a nostalgic place and happened to go along with what I was attempting to capture via photography when I used to shoot photos.

So in essence it became a working title for my collective body of work in photography, capturing life's fleeting moments. We made some stickers and shirts but that was really just because people really identified with that title and design I suppose. I created the design myself. That project was abandoned probably in 2012/2013 and I have since moved on to many other projects in the art world that have been even more successful so to speak. That phrase though... Beautiful then gone.... I think it's still so perfect. It captures a sentiment perfectly. 
-E-mail from the artist behind the sticker.

You can follow more of the artist's work on their instagram account. 

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